OnePlus 11R/Ace 2: Download Fastboot ROM for Root & Unbrick

From this guide, you could download the Fastboot ROM for your OnePlus 11R/Ace 2. The newest addition to the OnePlus family has rekindled the hope of many that the device might finally be back to its roots of being a true flagship killer. After all, when you are getting the top-of-the-end specs sheet at a price that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pockets, well, the reminiscence of the original OnePlus is definitely lurking around the corners.

Moreover, the OEM releases its firmware and OTA updates on a monthly basis. This is in the form of payload.bin which you could easily welcome abode on your device directly from the Settings menu. But in some instances, they might not be your best bet and you would instead have to get hold of Fastboot ROM for your OnePlus 11R/Ace 2. But what are those instances and from where could you grab this Fastboot ROM? Well, let’s find out.

OnePlus 11R/Ace 2 Fastboot ROM vs Stock ROM: Differences and Benefits

oneplus 11R fastboot rom

If you are just a normal everyday and have no intention of tweaking your device, then you would probably never require a Fastboot ROM. On the other hand, if you are a tech enthusiast, then you would be interacting with this ROM on a regular basis. When OnePlus rolls out the update package, it is in a ZIP format and is the stock firmware that you normally install onto your device. However, if you further extract this ZIP file, then you will get a payload.bin file.

This payload file consists of all the partition files in IMG format. These include the likes boot.imb, vbmeta.img, vendor_boot.img, system.img, among others. Now if your device ends up in a bootloop or softbrick state, then you could easily flash these files to their respective partitions and your device will be up and running. Likewise, if you are planning to root your phone, then you would need to get hold of the boot.img, patch it via Magisk and then flash it via Fastboot.

oneplus 11R fastboot rom

So owing to all these reasons, the Fastboot ROM might come in quite handy for your OnePlus 11R/Ace 2. So without further ado, grab them right away from the below section!

Download OnePlus 11R/Ace 2 Fastboot ROM

If you are planning to unbrick your device, then you could download any version of the Fastboot ROM [just it should be of the same region]. However, if you want the ROM [or rather the boot.img] for rooting purposes, then you need to download the same version that is currently installed onto your device [you could verify the same from the Build Number].

oneplus 11R fastboot rom

OnePlus 11R OxygenOS 13.0.0 A.08 IND Fastboot ROM

Download: Fastboot ROM [Password: Droidwin]

Download Boot | Vendor_Boot | Vbmeta

Whole boot.img is a must, in some instances, you might also need the vendor_boot and vbmeta to root your device. So as is the case with the boot.img, then extract them from the same version of the Fastboot ROM that is currently installed onto your device [verify the same from the Build Number].

OnePlus 11R OxygenOS 13.0.0 A.08 IND



How to Manually Create a OnePlus Fastboot ROM

I might not be able to convert payload.bin to Fastboot and upload them at the same pace at which the OEM releases its updates. However, if you want to skip the queue, then you are free to carry out the conversion yourself using our reference guide.

oneplus 11R fastboot rom

On that note, we round off this guide on the OnePlus 11R Fastboot ROM. If you have any queries concerning the aforementioned steps, do let us know in the comments. We will get back to you with a solution at the earliest.