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Fix OnePlus 11 Bugs & Issues: Flashing OxygenOS over ColorOS

In this guide, we will make you aware of numerous bugs and issues that you might come across after flashing OxygenOS over ColorOS on your OnePlus 11. The latest addition to the OnePlus family has been touted by many to bring back the company’s USP of being a flagship killer. While the flagship has definitely taken some stride forward in this aspect, however, it’s the software side that is pulling it back.

And the matter only worsens if you bought this device in China as you’ll be getting the “best version” of the bloated ColorOS. But if you are among the tech enthusiast, then you have the option to ditch ColorOS and instead switch over to OxygenOS. However, carrying out this conversion has a few downsides as well. In other words, flashing OxygenOS over ColorOS on your OnePlus 11 might bring in a few bugs and issues as well.

Bugs & Issues after flashing OxygenOS over ColorOS on OnePlus 11

bugs oneplus 11 flashing OxygenOS over ColorOS

This is just a comprehensive list of some of the most common and most reported issues that we comprehended under one roof. So there could be a few bugs listed below that you might not be facing whereas a few issues might be missing from the below list but could be there on your device. Most issues have been reported by users who have made a conversion from PHB110 [China] to CPH2447 [India] / CPH2449 [Global/EU] and on firmware versions A07 & Ao8.

  1. Auto Brightness not working along the expected lines.
  2. Fingerprint and Face Unlock don’t work one-third of the time.
  3. Bluetooth audio is randomly changing codecs, thereby affecting the music listening capability via earphones.
  4. The content gets larger after switching from FHD to QHD, which in turn conflicts with the proper functioning of some apps. As a result, users are restricted or rather forced to use only FHD.
  5. Setting Display Color to Natural will automatically switch to Vivid and vice versa.
  6.  The telephoto camera focus is not working along the expected lines.
  7. 5GHz hotspot is not working, you will have to remain content with 2.4GHz.

These were some of the most noticeable bugs and issues reported by users after flashing OxygenOS over ColorOS on their OnePlus 11. If you are facing an issue that isn’t listed here, then feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Issues Fixed

Most of these issues could now easily be fixed after flashing the ocdt_CPH2449.img. Do check out our detailed guide on how to do so:

Fix OnePlus 11 auto brightness issue after flashing OxygenOS