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Nothing Phone 1: Download Stock Firmware | Fastboot ROM | Boot.img

From this guide, you could download the stock firmware, Fastboot ROM, and stock boot.img files for your Nothing Phone 1. This new offering from the former OnePlus co-founder did manage to capture the attention of the masses, even before it got released. Carl Pei used the old yet efficient tactic from the OnePlus books and implanted it in its own launch, and it seems to have paid dividends during its early days. What is also good to note is the fact that the device is already quite active in custom development.

Its kernel sources and the device tree are already live, just days after its launch. Likewise, the company has also rolled out its first set f firmware upgrade. So if the OEM is already releasing updates via OTA, why is there a need to manually download this firmware? Well, it’s due to the fact that these firmware files come in handy in quite a few instances. To begin with, if your Nothing Phone 1 ends up in a bootloop or soft brick state, then you could easily bring it back to life by manually flashing the firmware files via Fastboot Commands.

Likewise, if one of its partitions gets corrupted, then you could flash that particular partition file to rectify the bug. Moroever, if you are planning to root your device, then you will need to have the boot.img file extracted from the firmware. All in all, there could be quite a few reasons why you might need to manually grab hold of these files. So without any further ado, let’s get started with this guide to download the stock firmware, Fastboot ROM, and stock boot.img files for your Nothing Phone 1.

Stock Firmware or Fastboot ROM: Which one to Download

nothing phone 1 firmware

While Nothing compresses its firmware in ZIP, however, upon extraction you wouldn’t get the partition IMG files. Rather, you will get a payload.bin file. You will then have to extract this payload file to get all the firmware files, such as boot.img, system.img, vbmeta.img among others [Do Read: How to Extract Payload.bin file]. And this process usually takes time.

nothing phone 1 firmware
Stock Firmware

Therefore, to make things easier for you, I have carried out the entire process, got all the firmware IMG files, and bundled it into one single package. As a result, you just need to download and extract that Fastboot ROM, and all the files will be right in front of you. However, I might not be able to convert payload.bin to Fastboot and upload them at the same pace at which the OEM releases its updates.

nothing phone 1 firmware
Extract Payload.bin

So whereas the stock firmware files will be updated as and when they are released by Nothing, the resultant Fastboot ROM might take some time to be uploaded from my end. But you are free to carry out the conversion yourself using our reference guide. Now that’s out of the way, let’s make you aware of the download links to the Fastboot ROM and stock firmware for your Nothing Phone 1.

Download Nothing Phone 1 Stock Firmware

These are the untouched stock firmware released by Nothing that you could flash onto your device directly via its Settings menu. This section will be updated as soon as Nothing rolls out a new software upgrade/security patch update.

Nothing OS 1.1.0



Download Nothing Phone 1 Fastboot ROM

This is the Fastboot ROM for your Nothing Phone 1 device. Just download and extract it to any convenient location and you will get all the required files. [Note: If you are willing to share this link across other forums, then please share the link to this post and not the direct download link. Thanks in advance].

nothing phone 1 firmware
Fastboot ROM

v1.1.0 (Global)
v1.1.3 (Global)
v1.1.4 (Global)
v1.1.5 (Global)
v1.1.6 (Global)
v1.1.7 (Global)
v1.5.0 (Beta1) (Global)
v1.5.1 (Beta2)
v1.5.1 (Beta2) (HotFix)
v1.5.3 (HotFix)

Nothing OS 1.1.0


Download Nothing Phone 1 Boot.img Files

If you are just planning to root your device, then there’s no need to download the entire Fastboot ROM. Rather. just get the stock boot.img file from below “that corresponds to the current OS version number”, then patch it via Magisk and flash it via Fastboot Commands. [READ: How to Root Nothing Phone 1 via Magisk Patched Boot.img].

Nothing OS 1.1.0


How to Install Stock Firmware/OTA on Nothing Phone 1

There exist three different methods to install the firmware on your Nothing Phone 1- from the Settings menu, via ADB Sideload, and using Fastboot Commands. Here’s which one you should opt for-

Settings Menu

This is the automated approach to installing updates. As soon as the update is released, you will get a notification on your device. You could then download and install it from the Settings menu right away. It is the recommended method for stock non-rooted devices, rooted devices should never use this method.

System Update Missing from Settings in Nothing Phone 1 [Fixed]

[NOTE: At the time of writing, Nothing has hidden the system update installation app. So you will first have to un-hide and enable it, using the instructions given in the above guide]

ADB Sideload

This is the manual approach to installing OTA/firmware updates. If your device hasn’t yet received the OTA but you did manage to grab its ZIP file from our post or any other trustworthy source, then you could use this method to install that update via ADB Sideload. Again, this should only be used on stock non-rooted devices, rooted devices should not use this method.

Install OTA Updates and Firmware via ADB Sideload in Nothing Phone 1

nothing phone 1 firmware

Fastboot Commands

This is the most technical method out of the three. In this, we will be extracting the payloasd.bin file which will give us all the partition files. We will then flash those files via Fastboot Commands. It is the go-to method for rooted devices and the only method for bricked or boot-looped devices.

Unbrick Nothing Phone 1: Flash Stock Firmware via Fastboot Commands

nothing phone 1 firmware

That’s it. This was all from this guide on how you could download Fastboot ROMs and stock firmware for your Nothing Phone 1. We will be updating the guide with the direct download link for the stock firmware as and when they are released. Likewise, we will also try to upload the Fastboot ROM and boot.img as soon as possible. With that said, if you have any queries or wish to request a particular version of Fastboot ROM or boot.img, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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