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How to Make Group Video Calls of 8 People in WhatsApp

Let’s check out the steps to make Group Video Calls of 8 People in WhatsApp. Perhaps the best instant messenger app of all time, WhatsApp usually brings a feature or two now and then. yes, we agree that it strangely took ages to enable the Dark Mode, but now that its here, there some more goodies in store for you all. The latest WhatsApp update has now bought about a much-needed change to the video calls functionality. One of the reasons why people choose Duo over WhatsApp is the fact that you could add up to 8 (which has now been increased to around 11 or 12) members in Duo.

However, WhatsApp has taken a clue or two out of the Silicon Valley giant’s book. The latest WhatsApp update now allows you to make group video calls of a total of 8 peoples. Well, one will be you, apart from that, there are 7 other friends who you could interact with. So without further ado, let us check out how this could be done.

Make Group Video Calls of 8 People in WhatsApp

To begin with, the update hasn’t yet landed on either the Play Store. But still, we have managed to get the hold of this latest WhatsApp version. How? Let’s keep that a secret, shall we 😉 Now if you wish to try the new WhatsApp group video call feature of 8 people, start by downloading the app from the below link for your respective platforms.

Just to make it clear, this is the official version of WhatsApp. We haven’t made any changes to it. It’s just that we managed to get a hold of it before the app could make its way over to Play Store, which in fact could take at least up to a month. Now follow the below steps to make the 8 people video calls on WhatsApp.

Steps to Follow

whatsapp video call 8 people

  1. Open WhatsApp that you have just downloaded from above.
  2. Head over to the Calls section and then tap on the Video Call button situated at the bottom right.
  3. Next up, tap on the New Group Call option situated at the top. You could add up to 7 members (as you will be the eight one).
  4. That’s it. You could now start your 8 people WhatsApp group video call right away!

Note: As already mentioned, this version of WhatsApp is yet to make its way over to Play Store. So till then make sure that your friend download the new version from here itself, otherwise they won’t be able to enjoy this feature.


Rounding off, it is quite a welcome move that the Facebook-owned app has expanded the group video calls from the current 4 to 8. This might help you to tackle the quarantine period much efficiently. On that note, do let us know what you think if this feature. Will, you now be jumping ships over to WhatsApp from Duo or the latter is still your preferred one? Drop-in your views in the comments section below.