iPad Pro M2 5G India

iPad Pro M2 5G yet to get 5G support in India

When the iPad Pro M2 5G was officially rolled out in India, many dubbed it as the next big thing and some even gave it the tag of the laptop replacement. After all, when you are getting the latest M2 chipset that many Macs beholds and add to it the support of resizeable app windows and external displays, then there could definitely be a few arguments in favor of this debate. 

iPad Pro M2 5G is yet to get 5G support in India

This iPad comes with support for 5G, eSIM, and dual SIM. However, it is the former one that is still giving out time to the users. The tablet was released at the end of October last year and carriers like Jio and Airtel have already rolled out 5G support in India. However, the Cupertino giant is yet to do the same.

Well, they have already rolled out the 5G support for its newest iPhones in India so the delay in doing the same might for the tablet come as a surprise to many. However, those who are deep into the Apple ecosystem might already be aware that the tech behemoth never gives the same royal treatment to its iPads that their iPhones are blessed with. So is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

No 5G even on iPadOS 16.3 Beta 2

iPad Pro M2 5G India

Unfortunately, there doesn’t look to be any. This is because the 5G support is even missing on the latest iPadOS 16.3 Beta 2 update. All in all, there’s still a long way when it comes to the 5G support for the iPad Pro M2 in India. With that said, we will update this post as and when there’s an iota of a hint regarding the 5G rollout in the beta/stable build. Likewise, you may also keep us aware of the same via the comments section.

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