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iOS 16 Message: “User has notifications silenced” bug

The messaging service didn’t have the best of outings in the sixteenth iteration of the OS build from the Cupertino giant. Issues such as the Message app not staying in the conversation, users being unable to share to an iMessage group, and the inability to iMessage yourself have been buying the users for quite some time. And now, there has been another unwanted entry to this list.

iOS 16 Message: “User has notifications silenced” bug

As of now, numerous users have voiced their concern that the Message app on iOS 16 is displaying a false notification that the user to whom they are about to send a message has his or her notification silenced. When in reality that is not the case and the recipient doesn’t even have the Do Not Disturb or Focus Mode enabled.

But since the messaging app is displaying a false positive, the sender refrains from sending the intended message which tends to directly impact the conversation in a negative manner. So this begs the all-important question-

Is there a fix?

iOS 16 Message User has notifications silenced

Unfortunately, as of now, there’s no workaround that could spell out success for you. While the issue is no doubt quite concerning and should have been addressed at the earliest, however, there are only a handful of reports regarding this bug and hence it might have fallen down in the pecking order. So we would recommend you file a bug report regarding this issue and make Apple aware of this bug at the earliest. As and when that happens, we will also update this post accordingly as well.