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How to Install Stock Firmware on Motorola G8 Power Lite via Fastboot Commands

In this guide, we will be sharing with you the steps to install the stock firmware on Motorola G8 Power via Fastboot Commands. Although Motorola has a hit and miss relation with its Android One series, fortunately, that’s not the case with G series. What started as a Google-Moto relation with G1 and G2 and is now being carried forward by Lenovo-Motorola partnership. And the device is still going pretty strong. Recently, we saw two more additions to this G series. Dubbed the Motorola G8 Power, and the G8 Power Lite, both of them will definitely manage to impress the masses.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to flash or install stock firmware on your Motorola G8 Lite devices using Fastboot. But why will you need to do the same in the first place? Suppose you get an OTA update that is quite buggy and makes your device unstable. So the only thing you could do is wait until the company patches and fixes the issues and releases a new update. But that may take even up to a week. And to be fair, one cannot even use the device in such a condition even for a day, let alone a week. So in those cases, you could easily flash the stock firmware of the earlier build and continue to use it in all its shine and glory.

Furthermore, tech enthusiasts usually like to tweak their device OS and install custom ROMs, root their devices,  ake some build.prop changes, etc. But doing all these does have some associated risks too. You might end up in a bootloop, or worse, brick your device. In those cases, the only escape route is to flash stock firmware on your device.

Therefore, we decided to compile this guide and mention the steps to install the stock firmware on Motorola G8 Power via Fastboot Commands. Motorola has a tool to do as well, but that is so poorly executed and its failure to recognize the device more often than not bugs me. Therefore I always flash stock firmware using these fastboot commands. And so should you! On that note, let’s begin with the guide.


Moto G8 Power Lite Stock Firmware Collection

Here is the complete list of all the available stock firmware for Moto G8 Power Lite. There’s only one build available at this moment, and it is of the RETEU region. As and when other builds goes live, we will update the guide accordingly. Likewise, it is based on Android 9, so the fastboot commands to install stock firmware on Motorola G8 Power Lite will be based on this Android build only. With that said, as and when the device gets Android 10 update, we will the associated fastboot commands (Download Link is just below the ad).

How to Install Stock Firmware on Motorola G8 Power Lite using Fastboot

Now that you have downloaded the stock firmware file, here are the steps to flash it:

    1. Extract the downloaded stock firmware inside the platform-tools folder on your PC.
    2. Connect your device to PC via USB Cable. Make sure USB Debugging has been enabled.
    3. Now boot your device to Fastboot Mode. For that, use the hardware key combinations or inside the platform tool folder, type cmd in the address bar. This should open Command Prompt. Enter the below command to boot Motorola G8 Power Lite to fastboot:
      adb reboot bootloader


    4. Once your device boots to fastboot/bootloader mode, enter the below commands in the CMD window (make sure to open it from the platform-tools folder only) Also, make sure to enter each command individually. That is, copy-paste one command, hit Enter, copy-paste the second one and so on. Here are the required fastboot commands to flash stock firmware on Motorola G8 Power Lite.
    5. Furthermore, the below fastboot erase userdata command wipes your data device’s data. If you want to, you could skip the said command, but it is always recommended for a fresh install. Hence make a backup beforehand and let the erase userdata command do its job 🙂

Fastboot commands to flash stock firmware on Motorola G8 Power Lite

stock firmware motorola g8 power lite
Stock Firmware files for Moto G8 Power Lite

Well, as opposed to other devices, the process is pretty simple. While in all other devices, you have to manually enter fastboot commands in the Command prompt, things are totally different here. The point is for some reason, best known to Motorola, they have included a flash-all file right inside the ROM itself. So it saves all your efforts. Go ahead, download the ROM and extract it in a convenient place.

Now connect your device to PC via USB Cable, head over to the extracted ROM file and double click the flash_all.bat file. The file will then install all the associated stock firmware files of Motorola G8 Power Lite onto your device. Once it does, simply reboot your device using the hardware key or use the fastboot reboot command to do the same. If the flash_all.bat file throws an error, transfer the entire extracted ROM to the platform-tools folder. Now try launching the flash_all.bat file. There will be no error now.

Other Motorola Stock Firmwares and their Fastboot Commands to Flash Them

Now you have got acquainted with the steps to install stock firmware on Motorola G8 Power Lite via Fastboot commands. Here are some other Motorola device’s stock firmware files and their associated fastboot commands. if anyone of your friends (or even you) are having any of the below-mentioned devices and get stuck in a bootloop or soft-brick, take help from the below guides.