How to Install AOSP Android 11 on OnePlus Nord

In this tutorial, we will show you the steps to install the latest AOSP Android 11 ROM onto OnePlus Nord. The recent offering from OnePlus is creating quite a lot of hype. And it seems to be totally justified.  With such an impressive specs sheet, there’s nothing more one could have asked for. But this is just the beginning. Once you step into the custom development scene, there are a plethora of tweaks waiting for you. One of the most preferred in this regard is flashing a custom ROM.

And in this guide, we will show you how to install the AOSP Android 11 ROM onto your OnePlus Nord. But you may ask a pretty important question: why is there a need for an Android 11 ROM based ROM when the device is already slated to get one? The thing is your device will surely get the latest iteration of Android, but that is going to take time. Furthermore, going by the company’s schedule, you will have to go through a few loops like closed beta, open beta, and finally the stable build.

So if you are looking to skip this wait time, you could straightaway flash this custom ROM onto your device. Likewise, custom ROMs in general, further optimized your device and adds more features to your device. This is apart from the fact that you also get a longer duration of unofficial upgrades than compared to what the official OEMs have to provide. So with such a long list of advantages, it is no doubt that you would be looking to install the latest AOSP Android 11 ROM onto OnePlus Nord. Follow along for the detailed instructions.

What is AOSP Custom ROM?

AOSP or Android Open Source Project ROMs makes use of the source code released by Google. As a result, these ROMs are near about stock Android OS, with just a few tweaks here and there. So if you are looking for a highly customized and feature-rich ROM, then they might not be able to fulfill this wish of yours.

But what they do provide is a perfect balance between the feature set and device stability. And for most of the tech community members, this is what they need. Well, one should look no further than LineageOS as an example. With that said, here are all the working features and bugs related to the AOSP Android 11 ROM for OnePlus Nord. Follow along.

Working Features on OnePlus Nord

  • Boots
  • RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
  • In-display Fingerprint
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • Camcorder
  • Video Playback
  • Audio
  • Sensors
  • Flash
  • LED
  • GPS
  • Alert Slider


  • NFC
  • Permissive for now

How to Install AOSP Android 11 on OnePlus Nord

First off, please go through the below requirement section and make sure to grab hold of all the required files. After this, you may proceed with the steps to install AOSP Android 11 ROM on OnePlus Nord. Planning to root your OnePlus Nord as well? There refer to our guide on


  • To begin with, create a complete device backup.
  • Next up, also enable USB Debugging on your device. This will then help your PC in recognizing your device in ADB mode. But why do you need ADB Mode in the first place? Well, it will be needed to boot your device to TWRP Recovery. On that note, head over to Settings > About Phone > Tap on Build Number 7 times > Go back to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging. [Don’t Miss: Enable USB Debugging on a Broken Android Device’s Screen? Here’s a Workaround].
  • Likewise, install Android SDK Platform Tools on your PC. This will provide you with the necessary ADB and Fastboot binaries.

Download AOSP Android 11 for OnePlus Nord

STEP 1: Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus Nord

First and foremost, you will have to unlock the bootloader on OnePlus Nord. Do keep in mind that doing so will wipe off all the data from your device and could make the warranty null and void, so proceed with caution. With that said, refer to our detailed guide on How to Unlock the Bootloader on OnePlus Nord. In short, you need to execute the fastboot oem unlock command to unlock the device’s bootloader. Don’t Miss: How to Watch Netflix in HD on Rooted Devices ( Get Widevine L1 Support ).

STEP 2: Install TWRP Recovery

Next up, you will have to install the TWRP Recovery on your device. Again, we have a detailed guide on this topic, please refer to it: How to Install TWRP Recovery on OnePlus Nord. In short, use the fastboot boot twrp.img command to boot your device to TWRP.

STEP 3: Boot OnePlus Nord to TWRP

You now have to transfer the GApps and AOSP Android 11 ROM to your device. Once that is done, you may then either refer to our guide on How to Boot into Recovery (TWRP/Stock) from Fastboot Mode, or follow the below steps:

twrp oneplus nord
Credits: Tracker31 (XDA)
  1. Connect your device to PC via USB Cable. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled.
  2. Then head over to the platform-tools folder, type in CMD in the address bar, and hit Enter. This will launch the Command Prompt.
  3. Type in the below command in the CMD window to boot your OnePlus Nord to TWRP:
    adb reboot recovery
  4. That’s it. Your device will now boot to TWRP. Follow the below steps to install AOSP Android 11 on OnePlus Nord.

STEP 4: Install AOSP Android 11 on OnePlus Nord

  1. From the TWRP main menu, go to Install.
  2. Select the AOSP Android 11 ZIP file and perform a right swipe to flash it.
    install android 11 rom twrp oneplus nord
  3. Next up, again go to Install. This time select the GApps ZIP file and perform a right swipe to flash it as well.
    install android 11 gapps twrp oneplus nord
  4. Once both the files have been flashed, you will have to reboot your device to Recovery. So go to Reboot and select Recovery.
    reboot recovery TWRP oneplus nord
  5. It’s time to format the data partition. So go to Wipe and tap on Format Data.
  6. Type in Yes in the space provided and tap on the tick mark situated at the bottom right.
    format data twrp oneplus nord
  7. However, if you are not able to format data via TWRP, then go to Advanced Wipe and select the data partition and perform a right swipe to wipe this partition. If you still face any issues, then you could format the data via PixelExperience Recovery or the included recovery.
  8. Once that is done, head over to Reboot and tap on System. Your device should boot to the newly installed OS.
    reboot system twrp oneplus nord

With this, we conclude the guide on AOSP Android 11 ROM onto OnePlus Nord. Do keep in mind that the first boot might take up some time. This is completely normal. Along the same lines, you might have to set up your device from scratch after logging in to your Google Account. Once that is done, do share your experiences about this ROM in the comments section. Likewise, if you have any issues or queries with the aforementioned steps, do let us know in the comments. We will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.