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iCloud Message Storage doesn’t add up: Deleted photos return!

Many users have voiced their concern that iCloud Message Storage aren’t correctly adding up and to make matter worse, the deleted photos tend to return all of a sudden! There’s a lot of weird stuff going on with the iMessage! According to the affected users, even though they tend to delete photos, it actually doesn’t get removed.

In this regard, the iMessages claims to take up a significant chunk for “Photos” but when the users actually tap on “Photos” it is all empty.  On the other hand, just the reverse tends to happen for some. They have reported that the storage consumed shown by Messages in the iCloud tends to significantly increase when they verify the same in the “Top Conversation” section.

Another weird thing to note is that the Conversation Details show Photos that are actually not even there! In other words, the photos that are visible on the message screen are neither in the iPhone Storage nor in the Messaging details. Talk about some Vodoo magic going on! And this isn’t something new, it is infact been going on for the past few years [as claimed by users]! So this begs the all-important question- is there a fix? Let’s check it out.

iCloud Message Storage doesn’t add up: Deleted photos return!

iCloud Message Deleted photos return

While there is no permanent fix as such but a few users were able to temporarily get respite from this issue by carrying out the below-listed tweaks. So give these fixes a try and check if it gives out success for you.

  • Sign out and then re-sign into your iCloud account.iCloud Message Deleted photos return
  • Turn off iMessage in iCloud across all the synced devices and then re-enable them.iCloud Message Deleted photos return
  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messages > Review Large Attachments and try deleting from there.iCloud Message Deleted photos return

These were the three different workarounds that might help you address this issue wherein the deleted photos tend to return in iCloud Message. Are you also affected by this bug and did the aforementioned tweaks work out in your favor? Do share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more updates!