How to Unbrick Nokia 7.1/7.2/7 Plus via Fastboot Commands

In this guide, we will show you the steps to unbrick the Nokia 7.1/7.2/7 Plus devices via Fastboot Commands. When it comes to custom development, then there are quite a few noteworthy names that might come to your mind. Unfortunately, Nokia wouldn’t be one of them, and this OEM is itself to blame for this fiasco. Its decision to block the ability to unlock the device’s bootloader wasn’t well received from the tech enthusiasts, and understandably so. But even then, thanks to the open-source nature of the OS, the developers did manage to find a workaround to bypass this limitation.

As a result, you could now easily flash a custom ROM, install a custom recovery like TWRP or even gain access to the system partition by rooting the device via Magisk. However, all these tweaks could bring in a few risks as well. In the worst-case scenario, your device might end up in a bootloop or bricked state. Fortunately, there’s still a handy way out. You could unbrick Nokia 7.1/7.2/7 Plus devices via Fastboot Command and bring it back to life. And in this guide, we will show you the steps to do just that. So without further ado, let’s get started.

[NOTE: If you are not comfortable in dealing with Fastboot Commands, then you could also use the Nokia Tool to automate this entire process. Check out this guide for more: How to Unbrick Any Nokia Device using Nokia Tool]

How to Unbrick Nokia 7.1/7.2/7 Plus via Fastboot Commands

unbrick nokia 7 plus fastboot commands

The below instructions are listed under separate sections for ease of understanding. Make sure to follow in the exact same sequence as mentioned. Droidwin and its members wouldn’t be held responsible in case of a thermonuclear war, your alarm doesn’t wake you up, or if anything happens to your device and data by performing the below steps.

STEP 1: Install Android SDK

install adb platform tools windows

First and foremost, you will have to install the Android SDK Platform Tools on your PC. This is the official ADB and Fastboot binary provided by Google and is the only recommended one. So download it and then extract it to any convenient location on your PC. Doing so will give you the platform-tools folder, which will be used throughout this guide to unbrick Nokia 7 Plus/7.1/7.2.

STEP 2: Download Nokia 7.1/7.2/7 Plus Stock Firmware

Your next course of action should be to download the stock firmware for your Nokia device. So download it from the below links [Credits: XDA Senior Member raghu-varma].

Nokia 7 Plus Firmware

Nokia 7.1 Firmware

Nokia 7.2 Firmware

STEP 3: Extract Nokia 7.1/7.2/7 Plus Payload.Bin

  1. Once you have downloaded the firmware, extract it to any convenient location on your PC.
  2. If the partition files are already present in IMG format, then extract them to the platform-tools folder and move over to the next step.
    unbrick nokia 7 plus fastboot commands
  3. On the other hand, if there’s a payload.bin file, then all the partition IMG files would be present inside this BIN file.
    unbrick nokia 7 plus fastboot commands
  4. So you will have to extract this file to get the resultant IMG files and subsequently flash it onto your Nokia device to unbrick it.
  5. So refer to our comprehensive guide on How to Extract the payload.bin firmware file.
    unbrick nokia 7 plus fastboot commands
  6. Once the extraction is complete, transfer all the IMG files to the platform-tools folder, where the other ADB and Fastboot files are present.

    unbrick nokia 7 plus fastboot commands
    Nokia 7 Plus Extracted Payload.Bin Files

STEP 4: Boot Bricked Device to Fastboot Mode

In most cases, a soft-bricked or boot looped device might already be in the Fastboot Mode. However, if you are stuck in a bootloop, then long-press the Power key to turn it off. Then press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys together to boot your device to Fastboot Mode.

unbrick nokia 7 plus fastboot commands

However, if you are unable to power off the device, then let its battery drain out. Once that happens, connect it to the charger. Then as soon as it is about to boot up, use the Power and Volume Down keys and it will straightaway boot to Fastboot Mode.

STEP 5: Unbrick Nokia 7.1/7.2/7 Plus via Fastboot Commands

  1. To begin with, connect your device to the PC via USB cable.
  2. Then head over to the platform-tools folder, type in CMD in the address bar, and hit Enter. This will launch the Command Prompt.
  3. Since your device is currently in a bricked state, you will have to perform a factory reset (highly recommended, though it will wipe all the data from your device). So type in the below command for that:
    fastboot -w
  4. You may now execute the below Fastboot Commands to flash each of the files to their respective partitions, across both the slots.
  5. If any command gives out any error, then don’t leave the process mid-way. Rather, move over to the next command and carry on till the end, there’s every chance that the device would still boot up.
    fastboot flash abl_a abl.img
    fastboot flash abl_b abl.img
    fastboot flash bluetooth_a bluetooth.img
    fastboot flash bluetooth_b bluetooth.img
    fastboot flash boot_a boot.img
    fastboot flash boot_b boot.img
    fastboot flash cmnlib_a cmnlib.img
    fastboot flash cmnlib_b cmnlib.img
    fastboot flash cmnlib64_a cmnlib64.img
    fastboot flash cmnlib64_b cmnlib64.img
    fastboot flash devcfg_a devcfg.img
    fastboot flash devcfg_b devcfg.img
    fastboot flash dsp_a dsp.img
    fastboot flash dsp_b dsp.img
    fastboot flash hyp_a hyp.img
    fastboot flash hyp_b hyp.img
    fastboot flash keymaster_a keymaster.img
    fastboot flash keymaster_b keymaster.img
    fastboot flash mdtp_a mdtp.img
    fastboot flash mdtp_b mdtp.img
    fastboot flash mdtpsecapp_a mdtpsecapp.img
    fastboot flash mdtpsecapp_b mdtpsecapp.img
    fastboot flash modem_a modem.img
    fastboot flash modem_b modem.img
    fastboot flash nvdef_a nvdef.img
    fastboot flash nvdef_b nvdef.img
    fastboot flash pmic_a pmic.img
    fastboot flash pmic_b pmic.img
    fastboot flash rpm_a rpm.img
    fastboot flash rpm_b rpm.img
    fastboot flash splash_a splash.img
    fastboot flash splash_b splash.img
    fastboot flash system_a system.img
    fastboot flash system_b system.img
    fastboot flash tz_a tz.img
    fastboot flash tz_b tz.img
    fastboot flash vendor_a vendor.img
    fastboot flash vendor_b vendor.img
    fastboot flash_a xbl xbl.img
    fastboot flash xbl_b xbl.img
    fastboot reboot

The last command should automatically boot your device to the OS and with that, the issue stands rectified. So with this, we round off the guide on how you could unbrick the Nokia 7.1/7.2/7 Plus devices via Fastboot Commands. If you have any queries concerning the aforementioned steps, do let us know in the comments. We will get back to you with a solution at the earliest.