Google Releases Light Version of Their Apps (GO Apps). Try Them Now!

Given below is the list of lightweight apps released by Google. Dubbed the GO Apps, they consume very limited RAM and storage and are suitable for low-end devices.

As surprising as it may sound, nearly half the Indian population can’t afford mobile phones close to Rs 7,000. The good news is that many device manufacturers have started manufacturing mobile phones just for this niche. These include Nokia, Lava, Micromax, Gionee, Realme, and even some Xiaomi devices. Truth be told, these devices are, at most, just capable enough to make calls and messages. But what else could you expect from a device near about Rs 5000?

For users of such smartphones, streaming videos on YouTube or navigating via Google Maps is a kind of luxury. Although the OEMs do provide these apps on their smartphone, it is just to escape the wrath of the users. But once users start using them, the device starts getting laggy to such an extent that it makes the device, and hence the apps on it, unusable. Therefore, keeping all this mind, Google released a set of light-weight apps of their own versions. Read on further to know more.

What is a GO Version of An App?

GO APPS- Similar Apps AvailableGO APPS- Similar Apps Available

GO Version is just a lightweight version of any app, trimmed down to just the basic functionalities. These apps are specifically designed for low-end devices and by the same developer. But in recent times, its popularity has skyrocketed to such an extent that many mid to high-end device owners have also started using the GO version over the original one. Why? Read the reason below.

Why I Should Download a GO Version of Any App?

The reason is simple: these apps are extremely lightweight and hence are fewer resource freaks. This means that storage and RAM consumption are almost 4-5 times less than their counterparts. Apart, from that, there has been an increasing trend by apps to incorporate tons of other apps that hardly anyone gives a look it. UC Browser and Clean Master are two of the best examples. So in such cases, it makes sense to download the version of the app which only has the basic required feature.

The GO Apps Released By Google

Google has released quite a few versions of the GO apps related to their Original apps. Here is a list of all such apps, their download links, and the respective screenshots.

1. Google Go: A fast, easy, and fun way to search

Google Go by Google

Search for any content, Speak up to search, Discover what’s new, look for tons of images and GIFs, stream YouTube videos, use pre-existing apps like Facebook, Twitter or add your own and use the integrated Google Lens to make your search even more magical. All these are present under one roof. And the total size of the App is not even 7 MB! 

2. YouTube Go: Download And Watch All Your Favourite Videos Without Eating Up Your Data

Youtube Go by Google

Watch all of your favorite videos, like, dislike, comment or even download them for a delayed watch. Do all this and more from the Youtube Go App- which consumes around 4 times less storage than the normal Youtube app.

3. Gallery Go by Google Photos: Smart, Light, and Fast Photo and Video Gallery

Gallery Go by Google

Who doesn’t love the Photos app from Google? Although there are tons of Gallery App present on the Play Store and each device has its own as well, yet no one comes close to the one made by Google. And by releasing the lightweight version of this app, the search engine giants have made sure that everyone, irrespective of the device’s configuration, is able to enjoy its benefits.

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Although you cannot enjoy all the benefits of the Photos app in the Gallery Go, that’s expected, as the app is 5 times smaller than the former.

4. Google Maps Go: Get real-time traffic and directions, and search and find places

Maps Go by Google

Get directions for any two places, anywhere in the world. Chose the preferred method- Drive Two-wheeler, Bus, Metro Train, or Walk and customized directions as per your selections. Also get a hint of nearby places like restaurants, Gas Stations, ATMs, Shopping Complexes, etc. You could even get real-time traffic updates within this app as well. A complete package bundled into just 175 KB. Can’t get any better than this!

[Note: For navigation purposes, you will have to install an additional Google app- Navigation for Google Maps Go. It is available on the Play Store, or download from the below link]

So this was a detailed list of some of the lightweight Google Apps, more popularly known as GO Apps. Did you like this app? or are you ready to sacrifice some of your storage capacity in lieu of enjoying all the benefits of an app? Do let us know in the comments sections below. Happy Reading 🙂

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