Get Youtube Premium and Music Subscription cheaper

To listen to music and have a good latest collection of songs you need to have Music streaming services which are a new norm. There are a lot of options to choose from. Starting from Amazon prime music, apple music, Spotify, etc. But our favorite is the youtube music subscription. Youtube music subscription has more benefits than any other music streaming services as it includes Youtube Premium as well. So if you want to get Youtube Premium and music subscription for a cheaper price then usually then everything you need to know is written below.

What is Youtube Music

Youtube Music is a music streaming app which users can use to listen to songs and download them offline as well. Youtube Music recently added a new feature where users can even see the lyrics of the song playing. Besides that, users can watch the video of the song as well by just tapping on the video button. Also, Google has decided to shut down Google Play Music, so Youtube music is a great alternative as Google gives an option to import songs from Google Play Music to Youtube Music.

Get Youtube Premium and Music Subscription cheaper

youtube premium subscription cheaper

There are two methods by which you can get the subscription for a cheaper price both of them are mentioned below try the one that suits your needs.

Method 1

If you have a friend circle of 5 people or a family of 5 people then this method is perfect for you. Youtube Music gives an option to get the subscription for a family of 5 people for Rs. 189 a month. That means only 40 Rs. each is what everyone will be paying. Each user will have their own account nothing will be synced across the family accounts. Subscribing to this will also give you Youtube Premium which means you can download 1080p videos on Youtube and can play youtube videos in the background. On top of that no more annoying advertisements in between watching youtube videos.

  • To add members to the family group head over to this link.
  • Click Invite family member.
  • Enter your family member’s email address.
  • Click Send.

That’s it now head over to this link to buy youtube premium for family. Do check before getting the subscription that you are paying 189 Rs. and it is a family subscription.

Method 2 (Only for students studying in College, schools)

If you are planning to use single-handedly all on your own. Then all you have to do is use your email id which you got from the organisation in which you are studying. It should be something like [email protected]. You have to verify Google that you are a student and you have control over the mentioned email address by verifying the mail they will send on this email. After which you can subscribe to youtube premium and youtube music, do note that while you are subscribing don’t forget to select student plan for youtube. This will effectively bring the price to 60 Rs. a month.


So this sums upon how you can get the youtube premium and youtube music for a cheaper price than usual.