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Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Preview Laggy, Output Unaffected

The latest flagships from the South Korean conglomerate behold one of the absolute best cameras that a smartphone has to offer. A rear quad camera setup with 108MP wide lens and the ability to record 8K videos are just some of its noteworthy features. While the praises are in order for its camera, the same cannot be said for its OS.

This is because, in the past couple of weeks, numerous issues seem to be bugging this device. Issues related to the network [both 4G and 5G], the Android System Webview resulting in the crashing of many apps, and the Double Tap to Wake not working along the expected lines are just some of the infuriating issues. And now, there has been another entry to this list.

Laggy Camera Preview of Galaxy S22 Ultra

Laggy Camera Preview of Galaxy S22 Ultra

Numerous users have voiced their concern that the camera preview is extremely laggy on their Galaxy S22 Ultra. The lag is visible in both cases- while recording the video or just having the preview window opened when no recording is going on. The issue has been reported across both the Snapdragon and Exynos variants of the device but is only affecting the stock camera app, there is no issue as such with Google Camera Ports.

Moroever, this bug first came to light after the December update. Unfortunately, the issue is still present even after the rollout of the January update. The only, and perhaps the most important, saving grace in all of this is the fact that the output comes out to be just fine, the lag is only in the preview window. But still, it causes a great deal of inconvenience and needs to be addressed at the earliest. So this begs the all-important question-

Is there a fix?

Unfortunately, no. As of now, there doesn’t exist any workaround that might help you rectify or at least mitigate this issue of the laggy camera preview in Galaxy S22 Ultra. Moroever, as far as the official stance on this matter is concerned, the developers are yet to acknowledge this issue, let alone give out any ETA for the rollout of a fix. So it is recommended that you file a bug report and make the OEM aware of this issue right away so that it rolls out the patch at the earliest.