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How to Fix TWRP Error 70 [With Screenshots]

In this tutorial, we will be sharing three different methods that will help you to fix TWRP Error 70. One of the biggest perks of having an open-source ecosystem like Android is the plethora of tweaks that you could try out. Well, it’s not just about trying out icon packs, fonts, and themes. Once you unlock the device’s bootloader, you open the gates to the plentitude of customizations. You could then flash a custom recovery like TWRP, which in turn allows you to flash MODs and ZIP files.

Likewise, you could even root your device by flashing Magisk Installer ZIP. However, it is with Custom ROMs that users are interested in the most. Well, with so many perks attached to these ROMs, we can’t blame this choice. In this regard, there are two variants of the Custom ROMs. The first batch involves pure AOSP ROMs that don’t come with Google Apps.

Then there are ROMs some like Pixel Experience that has Google Apps,  Services, and Frameworks baked inside the ROM. However, it is with the former set of ROMs that you need to install Google Apps or GApps ZIP package after installing the desired ROM. But some users have complained about getting the TWRP Error 70 while flashing these GApps. In this tutorial, we will have a look at the various reasons for this error and then list out detailed steps to fix them which in turn will fix the TWRP Error 70 as well. Follow along.

The Reasons for TWRP Error 70

Every Android device comes with a dedicated size for each of its partitions, including the system, data, vendor among others. So when you flash a Custom ROM, they get installed to the system partition. This ends up taking a major chunk of the partition (that you had earlier freed up by wiping the system partition just before flashing the ROM).

twrp error 70 flash gapps

Then after flashing the ROM, comes the turn of flashing GApps. This is also installed in the system partition. However, some devices come with a smaller system partition. As a result, once you have flashed a ROM, it takes up the majority of the space. Hence there is no storage left for the installation of Gapps. This is the reason why you end up getting TWRP Error 70. Yes, this is the only reason for this error.

Infact, this error throws up among the most detailed and self-explanatory message that you could get a hold of. A part of the error reads “Insufficient storage space calculations in System partition. You may want to use a smaller Open GApps package or consider removing some apps using gapps-config.” So making use of this error message itself, we will be sharing three different methods to fix the TWRP Error 70.

How to Fix TWRP Error 70

I will be listing these fixes starting from the one that calls for the least effort and is the easiest to execute. Different users have been able to fix their issues using any of the below-mentioned three methods. So you should try out each of them until you achieve success. Follow along for the complete instructions to fix the TWRP Error 70.

FIX 1: Flash the Smallest GApps (Pico) Variant

The Shorter Explanation: Download the GApps Pico variant and flash it via TWRP.
The Longer Explanation: GApps comes with quite a few variants. The only difference between each of these builds is the number of Google Apps. Among them, the smallest package named Pico only comes with the bare minimum that is required to run the Google Package Installer, Play Services, and Text To Speech as an Accessibility service. Hence this is the smallest package that should be under 100MB.

And since your system partition is short on storage space it is recommended that you download and flash this build. Once you do so, you will be able to boot your device, sign in with your Google Account. Then from the setup wizard select all the apps that you need to restore and that’s it. Or you could also download the same from Play Store once the setup is complete. On that note, here are the steps to download and install the smallest GApps ZIP and hence fix the TWRP Error 70.

Head over to the OpenGApps site and first off select the CPU Architecture. Here is what each of these architecture signifies: ARM: ARMv7 or armeabi, ARM64: AArch64 or arm64, and x86: x86 or x86abi. Most of the Android devices released after 2016 have ARM64 and hence select this build. Just to be double sure, you could install the Droid Info app from the Play Store. Launch it and head over to the System section and have a look at the Instructions set. Then select that architecture from the OpenGApps website.

gapps download

Next up, select the Android version. As of now, it only holds GApps till Android 10. if you are looking for Android 11 GApps, then head over to this guide: Download GApps (Google Apps) for Android 11. Finally, from the third section, select Pico and then click on the red download button. Once the file has been downloaded transfer it to your device.


Since you are already booted to TWRP, you could refer to our guide on How To Transfer or Install Files via TWRP Recovery [3 Methods]. Or you could take the general approach of booting the device to System, transferring the file to your device, and then rebooting your device to TWRP. Once that is done, flash the Custom ROM and then the Pico Gapps ZIP file. This should fix the TWRP Error 70. However, in some rare cases, if you are still getting this error, then here are some other methods to rectify this issue.

Fix 2:  Edit the GApps Config File

If the above method didn’t give out desirable results, then here we would take that method a step further. In this section, we wouldn’t be downloading a smaller GApps package. Rather, we would be converting whatever GApps you have downloaded to the smallest one.

For that, we will be modifying the GApps configuration files and will list out all the unnecessary Google apps that it doesn’t have to install. So while the GApps package will still be having all the apps, it would only install the ones that we have instructed it to in its config file. With that said, here are the steps to tweak the GApps Config file and hence fix the TWRP Error 70:

  1. Right-click on any space on your desktop and select New > Text Document.
  2. Type in the following commands in that notepad file:
  3. Exclude Books 
    Exclude Slides 
    Exclude Sheets 
    Exclude Keyboard Google 
    Exclude Messenger 
    Exclude PixelIcons 
    Exclude Dialer Google 
    Exclude ExchangeGoogle 
    Exclude PlayGames 
    Exclude VRService 
    Exclude PixelLauncher 
    Exclude CloudPrint 
    Exclude Docs 
    Exclude NewsWidget 
    Exclude Camera Google 
    Exclude Google Contacts 
    Exclude Keep 
    Exclude Hangouts 
    Exclude Fitness 
    Exclude Chrome 
    Exclude Earth
  4. Save that file as gapps-config. Then extract the contents of the GApps ZIP file.
  5. Move this gapps-config file inside that extracted ZIP folder.
  6. Once that is done, repack this ZIP file. To do so, right-click on the Gapps file and select Add to <filename>.rar
  7. Finally, transfer this file to your device and boot your device to TWRP. Now try flashing this GApps ZIP file, this should fix the TWRP Error 70.

Fix 3: Increase the Size of System Partition via TWRP

As mentioned before, GApps is installed in the system partition. So if this partition doesn’t have the required space, then you are bound to get the aforementioned error. One way to deal with this is to manually increase the size of this partition via TWRP. Just keep in mind that the entire process might be risky and may brick your device. Proceed ahead at your own risk. We would suggest you take a complete backup as well (normal backup as well as Nandroid backup). This is because we will be wiping the data partition. So with that said, here are the required steps:

  1. To begin with, boot your device to TWRP Recovery. You may take the help of our guide on How to Boot Any Android Device to TWRP Recovery.
  2. Then go to Wipe and select Format Data. Type in YES in the space provided and tap on the checkmark button situated at the bottom right.
  3. Once that is done, head over to Install and select the desired custom ROM. Perform a right swipe to install that ROM.
  4. After the ROM has been flashed, go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe and select the System partition. Tap on Repair or Change File System.repair or change file system twrp
  5. In the next screen, select the Resize File System option. Swipe right to resize the system partition.
    resize file system twrp
  6. Once the process is completed successfully, you may now flash the GApps package.
  7. Go to Install > Select GApps > Perform a right swipe to flash it.
  8. You may now reboot your device to the OS. For that, head over to Reboot and tap System.

That’s it. With this, we conclude the guide on how to fix the TWRP Error 70. We have shared three different methods for the same. Do let us know in the comments which method managed to fix the issue in your case. Furthermore, if you have any queries concerning the above steps, drop them in the comments section. We will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

  • Hi there! I wanted to try the third option but do not see the option to increase the partition size. I do only see a button which sais “Change File System”. Any suggestions?

    • Sadique Hassan

      Select the System partition and then tap on Change File System that you see, then let me know the result. I have updated the guide with those screenshots as well. However, if your device still doesn’t show this option, then unfortunately your device doesn’t support resizing of system partition.