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MS Word Text Box Resize Issue: How to Fix

In this guide, we will show you two different methods to fix the MS Word Text Box resize issue. When it comes to word processor software, then there are no brownie points in guessing that the offering from the Redmond giants is right at top of the pecking order. Part of the Office Suite, Word has been the go-to choice for a plethora of users for ages (it was first released in 1983, under the name Multi-Tool Word). Along the same lines, the OS giants release updates for all its Office apps at regular intervals, and Word is no different either.

Fix MS Word Text Box Resize Issue

However, the latest update seems to have made the matter worse for this word processor tool. After installing the said update, users are unable to resize the text box and instead have to remain content with whatever default size Word has to offer. This is proving to be a great deal of inconvenience for the end-users, and rightly so. Fortunately, there do exist a couple of workarounds that have been known to fix this MS Word Text Box resize issue. So without further ado, let check them out.

How to Fix MS Word Text Box Resize Issue

Fix MS Word Text Box Resize Issue

There exist two different approaches to resolve this issue. It is recommended to try out both these methods and then see which one spells out success for you. So keeping that in mind, let’s get started.

FIX 1: Convert Doc to Docx

Your first course of action should be to convert/upgrade your Word file from Doc to Docx format. Here’s how it could be done:

  1. Open the document and then go to File > Save As.
  2. Give it a name of your choice and change the extension (Save As Type) to Docx.
    Fix MS Word Text Box Resize Issue
  3. Once done, launch that Docx file and insert the text box.
  4. Then try changing its size and see if it fixes the MS Word Text Box resize issue.

FIX 2: Open in Compatibility Mode

Next up, try saving the file in a compatible mode. Then open it and carry out the desired text box tweak. You should no longer face any issues in this mode. So refer to the below steps and give it a try:

  1. Open the document and then go to File > Info.
  2. Then click on the Convert button next to Compatibility Mode.
    Fix MS Word Text Box Resize Issue
  3. Wait for the process to finish, then save the file and close it.
  4. Then re-open it, insert the text box and try changing its size, the underlying issue might have been rectified.

With this, we round off the guide on how you could fix the MS Word Text Box resize issue. We have listed two different methods for the same. As far as the official fix is concerned, well, Microsoft is aware of this issue and a fix might be on its way, though no ETA has been announced yet. As and when that happens, we will update this guide accordingly. In the meantime, if you have any queries, do let us know in the comments section below.