how to fix apple music issues on mac and iphone

Fix Apple Music Back Button Disappearing Issue on Mac

In this guide, we will show you the steps to fix the Apple Music back button disappearing issue on Mac. This music and video streaming service developed by the Silicon Valley giants beholds a plethora of noteworthy features. The availability of a plentitude of songs, its impressive playlist curations as well as the streamlined integration with other Apple devices makes it the go-to choice for various users.

Unfortunately, in recent months, its performance has been anything but good. At the time of writing this article, this service is going through around 4 documented issues without any official fix in sight. Let’s check out each of them and their associated fixes, beginning with the fix for the Apple Music back button disappearing issue on Mac.

Fix Apple Music Back Button Disappearing Issue on Mac

Many concerned users have reported that the back button is frequently disappearing from the Browse section of Apple Music. The fact that these navigation buttons are part of the web UI only makes the matter worse. It would have been much better if they would have incorporated an actual static button.


So what’s the fix for this Apple Music back button disappearing issue on Mac? As of now, there seems to be just a single workaround: you should consider using the CMD+Z shortcut keys to navigate to the previous screen.

Fix Cracking/Popping Sound in Apple Music on Mac

A slew of complaints is lined up across Reddit where users are complaining about the strange cracking/popping sound when they are listening to any song in Apple Music on their Mac. The issue is persistent even after the recent Big Sur 11.5.1 update. So this begs for the obvious question- how to fix the cracking/popping sound in Apple Music?

One recommendation is to switch over to the Apple Music website. While is a feasible option, but not exactly the best one as we all know how “well” their website has been designed. Turning the attention towards another fix, some users were able to taste success after turning off the Sound Enhancer in the Settings.

Fix “The operation could not be completed” Apple Music Error

Many iOS users have complained about the “The operation could not be completed” popup and “An unknown error occurred” errors with Apple Music on their iPhones. This is something similar to the 15-second issue in which the audio played for the said time period and then stopped abruptly. The issue is persistent for both the lossless and non-lossless audio and even the Cloud Music Library seems to be getting bugged with it.

fix apple music the operation could not be completed

So what is the fix for the “The operation could not be completed” Apple Music error? Well, as of now, the only workarounds that seem to be working for some is factory resetting the device. This is definitely asking for way too much, but unfortunately, that’s the only method that seems to be giving out some level of success.

So with this, we round off the guide on how you could fix the Apple Music back button disappearing issue on Mac. Along the same lines, we have also covered some other common issues that are currently bugging the users. If you know of any workarounds not mentioned here that could effectively fix this issue, then do let us know via the comments section.

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