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False ‘AirPods left behind’ notifications in iOS 15? You’re not alone!

False ‘AirPods left behind’ notifications in iOS 15, there’s more to it than what meets the eye! Read on to know more about this new intriguing development going on in Apple’s ecosystem. The latest iteration of the OS has bought in a plethora of noteworthy features. Some of the most documented ones include the likes of SharePlay in FaceTime, the Live Text feature, Redesigned Notifications, and a new Focus Mode.

False ‘AirPods left behind’ Notifications in iOS 15?

However, there was another nifty feature that didn’t got much limelight that it deserved. With iOS 15, Apple has segregated the notification under the Find My Device. As a result, you will now get standalone notifications for all your linked Apple devices that aren’t in close proximity with your device. So if you have left behind your Apple Watch or AppleTag, then your device will notify you of the same at that very instance.

False AirPods left behind notifications in iOS 15

This is proving to be quite a useful addition to iOS 15 especially for the ones who tend to forget their gadget’s last location. However, when it comes to “forgetting the gadget’s location”, AirPods cannot be left far behind either! If you prepare a list of all the devices that are most misplaced or exhausts half of your time in finding it, then these earphones would probably occupy the top position.

So as soon as the segregated notifications under the Find My Device section were introduced, everyone knew what their next course of action would be- and that is to make the AirPods a part of this functionality. Unfortunately, at that point in time, support for these AirPods wasn’t added. But Apple has now finally addressed it with the October 2021 firmware update version 4A400. So if your AirPods are no longer near your device, Apple will send you a ‘AirPods left behind’ notification.

False AirPods left behind notifications in iOS 15

Accompanying the text will be that ” This device is no longer detected near you. It was last seen near <location>.” Well, on paper this could really prove to be quite useful, but if only it was properly implemented. As of late, some strange things are happening with it. Many users are reportedly getting false ‘AirPods left behind’ notifications on their iPhones running the latest iOS 15. The Airpods are literally placed next to them but Apple is still notifying them that the earphones aware last seen at a random location.

Well, that’s enough to send anyone into a state of confusion/delusion/surprise/shock at the very first instance when they get this prompt. On a serious note though, As of now, the Cupertino giants haven’t addressed this issue and hence there’s no fix in sight. As and when there’s any further development in this interesting story, we will update this post accordingly. Until then, keep your AirPods close to you!