Bummer! OnePlus Pad does not have a fingerprint sensor

When it felt that OnePlus might have finally managed to steer the ship in the right direction, it seems to have once again hit the iceberg! On paper, you get quite an impressive sheet, with the likes of a 144Hz screen, Dimensity 9000 chipset, and 12GB RAM, but there is a glaring omission on the hardware side- the OnePlus Pad doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor or any form of secure biometric authentication for that matter!

The fact that a tablet is being launched in 2023 without these basic features is really hard to digest. While it does have the usual password/pin/pattern, but for many users, having a fingerprint sensor is an easier way of unlocking their device. And what about face unlock? Well, it does have a selfie camera and that could be used as a facial recognition tool, but that is something that we used to have a decade back as well.

OnePlus Pad fingerprint sensor

It doesn’t have any dedicated sensor for the same, so you might be at risk if you are planning to use this face unlock on sensitive apps such as the banking and payments app. Anyways, coming back to the point, why does OnePlus Pad not have a fingerprint sensor? Well, the company has given an explanation to 9to5Google and it might really surprise you.

Why Does OnePlus Pad not have a fingerprint sensor?

OnePlus Pad fingerprint sensor

According to them, an in-display fingerprint sensor “is not as natural as how that’s used in a smartphone,” and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor “is also not that efficient”. Well, well, we seem the company isn’t quite aware of the tablet markets yet, so let’s take them in that direction- Samsung is using the under-display fingerprint sensors on its Galaxy Tab S series for the past few years and Apple is using a side-mounted fingerprint sensor in the iPad for ages.

OnePlus Pad fingerprint sensor
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

So if any member of your team didn’t have a chance to use any of these two products ever, then let me break it down for you- the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S series is completely “natural”- exactly how it is on any other premium smartphones and the one from Apple- well it’s among the most efficient ones out there. So you might have to come up with a better excuse next tie, OnePlus [something that could make even an iota of sense].

Keeping their obnoxious reasoning aside, what are your views on OnePlus deciding to ditch the fingerprint on their tablet/pad? Are you more of a password/pin user so it wouldn’t bother you much anyways, or has this omission really baffled you, considering that this tablet has been extensible hyped over the past couple of months? Do drop in your valuable opinions in the comments section below.