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Best Magisk Modules of 2020 [PART-1]

One of the major perks of having a rooted Android device is that you get to try out tons of Magisk Modules to try. For the unaware, these modules are small applications that add more features and functionalities to your Android device, something that isn’t generally possible the normal way. But there exist a plethora of modules in Magisk. So for a newbie, it’s really an effort taking task in deciding which module should you opt for. But worry not, in this guide, we have compiled some of the best Magisk modules of 2020 that you should definitely try out.

We won’t be throwing out all the modules in one single post, this will make the post look more cluttered. Therefore we decided to break it into numerous posts for your easy understanding. This is the first part on the list of best Magisk Modules of 2020 to try out, in no particular order. More to follow soon, so stay tuned. On that note, also check out our detailed guide on Everything About Magisk- Manager, Modules and More.

Viper4Android: Best Sound Magisk Module of 2020

There exist tons of sound mods available for a rooted Android device. But none comes close to what Viper4Android has to offer. Apart from amplifying sound, you could boost up the bass, control volume for individual ear-piece and even bypass your device maximum sound limit. Continuing further, it also allows you to add further clarity with features like ViPER Clarity and XHiFi technology.

Furthermore, what works best for earphones, may not be the most suitable settings for your external speakers in an outside environment. In those cases, your cases, you could use the Viper4Android module to create different sound profiles according to the need and requirements. Definitely one of the best sound-enhancing Magisk Modules of 2020 available today.

Xposed Framework/EdXposed

Well, this is one module that doesn’t need much introduction to be fair. Xposed Framework comes pre-loaded with a plethora of modules that provides next-level customization options. Talking just about the sheer number of modules, it easily bypasses Magisk’s list as well. You could find mods pertaining to each and every domain, from adding new functionalities to your device to even making some system-level changes. However, the Xposed Framework no longer works on devices running Android 9.0 or later versions. For that, you will have to install the Riru core and Riru EdXposed modules. GO and definitely give it a shot, and you to could definitely claim it to be one of the best Magisk Modules of 2020.

Youtube Vanced: Best YouTube Magisk Module of 2020

The YouTube Vanced Magisk module completely transforms the stock YouTube app. Ad blocking, video preview directly from the feed, Picture-in-Picture mode, background video playing (even when your device is locked) and a complete dark mode throughout the app is what makes this the best YouTube Magisk Module. Well, not only dark, but it also holds tons of other theming options.

All in all, it gives you near about all the functionalities that YouTube Premium has to offer. There’s just one thing to keep in mind. Installing it via Magisk will replace the original YouTube app from your device. If for some reason you want to keep both the version, it is better you try out the non-root method and directly install it as a normal APK. You’ll still be getting all the premium features, it just that installing that way takes a lot more effort than the direct Magisk installation. This one still stands my favorite and is probably the best Magisk Modules of 2020 for YouTube.

Greenify4Magisk: Best Battery Optimization Magisk Module of 2020

Nowadays many smartphones are coming with their own battery optimization tweeks. Although they do their job pretty well, still they can’t really compete with Greenify as of now. Battery optimization, app hibernation, app pause, efficiently clearing background apps at regular intervals, taking apps to a deep sleep state are some of the amazing functionalities.

It’s enhanced battery saving mode really works wonder. You’ll witness a considerable save in the battery juice at the end of the day. The best way to check its capability is to install it right away and you to could speak in affirmative that it could be regarded as among the best Magisk Module of 2020 for device and battery optimization.

Moreover, the app has both a root and a non-root variant, but it is highly recommended to go with the former. And if you flash this Greenify4Magisk module, it makes the app a privileged one, thereby giving it much more authority and power to function. Don’t worry, it is a system-less tweak, as is the case with nearly all the other modules in the list.


Pix3lify brings many of the Pixel exclusive features to any rooted Android device. These include the pixel Blue theme accent colors, Product Sans font, Alarms, notification sounds, and ringtones UI audio. Apart from that, you also get Pixel wallpapers, Google call screening functionality, Night light in GCam, Daydream VR Support, etc. Furthermore, it also enables the Camera2API module which is needed for any Google Camera to work.

So with that, we conclude the first part of this post on the best Magisk Module of 2020. Stick with us for the next one in this section.