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Astronomy wallpaper lag on iOS 16.1 is yet to be addressed

In this guide, we will be discussing about the Astronomy wallpaper lag on iOS 16.1 that has silently gone under the radar. Ever since the sixteenth iteration of the OS was released by the Cupertino giant, we are witnessing an astronomical amount of bugs and issues, something that we usually don’t associate with Apple’s software. Among them, it’s the wallpaper that has been one of the most affected parties.

Astronomy Wallpaper & AOD lag on iOS 16.1

Astronomy wallpaper lag on iOS 16.1

The likes of blur not working with Collection wallpapers, custom wallpaper reverting to default, and wallpapers not auto-switching between dark and light have already been documented in the past. And now, there has been another entry to this list. A few users have voiced their concern that they are facing a lag of 3-4 seconds while waking up their device when the Astronomy wallpaper is set and AOD is enabled.

To make matter worse, Dynamic Island seems to deform the lock screen, with only half of the screen being visible. All these issues came to light with iOS 16.1 and are still continuing with 16.1.1 and even 16.2 PB 2. However, this bug is yet to be addressed mainly due to the fact that this issue is only affecting a particular wallpaper set.

As a result, it has managed to stay away from all the limelight, something that has now become a prerequisite if you want a bug to be quashed at the earliest. With that said, we will be keeping a close eye on this development and will update this post as and when there is any further development regarding the same. In the meantime, your best course of action should be to switch to any other wallpaper type for the time being.