Apple Maps Guides Disappeared iOS 16.4

Apple Maps Guides Have Disappeared after iOS 16.4 Update [Fix]

It’s no hidden secret that the maps app from the Search engine giant is miles ahead in comparison with its Apple counterpart. However, in recent years the Cupertino giant has done some considerable improvements in its service and there has been a slow but noticeable growth in the number of users who are getting inclined towards Apple Maps. However, every now and then, Apple does mess up this app so badly that users are left with no choice but to bid adieu to this service.

Apple Maps Guides Have Disappeared after iOS 16.4 Update!

Apple Maps Guides Disappeared iOS 16.4

The latest example of the same is the fact after installing the iOS 16.4 update, many users have lost all their created guides in the Apple Maps app. Numerous users have said they had a plethora o saved locations that they used to refer to but they are now all gone, with no trace whatsoever. How could Apple roll out an update without testing its implication on its own apps is quite astonishing, to say the least.

Apple Maps Guides Disappeared iOS 16.4

Adding more to this misery, a user got in touch with Apple Support and while they haven’t shared many tweaks to rectify this issue, they did tell him that if you hadn’t taken a backup before this issue came to light, you might have lost all your guides. So even if the issue gets rectified, you might have to start from scratch. All this just from installing an official OTA update, well played Apple!

Is There a Fix?

So this brings us to the all-important discussion- is there a fix? Unfortunately not. So As of now, your best bet is to file a bug report and make Apple aware of this issue. Do remember that the more the number of bug reports, the higher the chances of it getting rectified at the earliest.

Apple Maps Guides Disappeared iOS 16.4

So head over to the Apple Feedback Page and get this job done right away. On that note, we round off this guide. As and when there is any official development surrounding this story, we will update this guide accordingly. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Workaround Available!

Some users were able to rectify this issue of missing Apple Maps guides on iOS 16.4 via the below-listed workaround. So do give it a try and check if it works out for you or not.

  1. Head over to Settings > your name > iCloud.
  2. Then turn off the toggle next to Maps.Apple Maps Guides Disappeared iOS 16.4
  3. Now wait for a few minutes and re-enable the toggle.
  4. Now launch the Apple Maps app and check if your guides are back or not.

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2 thoughts on “Apple Maps Guides Have Disappeared after iOS 16.4 Update [Fix]”

  1. This didn’t work for me. I spent 90 minutes on the phone with Apple today and they couldn’t fix it either (they said that if i’d had a manual backup from before the update, I could just restore from that backup, but I didn’t know that icloud didn’t AUTOMATICALLY back up my stuff? That it’s a manual process?). They said it’s a known issue affecting quite a few users, and they “hope” that in a week or two everything might just show back up. 🙁

    Just fyi for anyone else- if the above workaround doesn’t work for you that’s on this page, either restore from a backup you have from before the upgrade, or you’re screwed until they fix it.

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