[UPDATED] Oppo Devices Stock Firmware- RENO, FIND, F and R Series

From this guide, you download the Stock Firmware for all Oppo devices. These include the ‘F Series’, ‘R Series’, ‘Find Series’, ‘Reno Series’ and some devices belonging to the ‘Other Segment’.

Having just recently set foot in the Indian mobile industry, Oppo has created quite a stir. It has surely sent shivers down the spine of its competitors, especially in the lower and mid-level segment devices. One among them to take a hit is the Chinese Giant Xiaomi Corporations. Although, now Oppo has a long way to go before catching up with the Chinese OEM. But if it carries forward its development at the current pace, surely it will reach the pinnacle of success.

With that said, if you are among the tech enthusiasts, then you will definitely try out various mods, custom ROMS, etc and even think of rooting your device. But doing so comes with its fair share of negatives as well. If you aren’t quite aware of all the pros and cons or end up messing some steps, you may be left with a bricked device.

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This is where Stock Firmwares comes in handy. You just need to flash these factory images on your device and the device will become stock again- just as it came out of the box. Although all the custom ROM, recovery, mods and even root will no longer be there, but hey, a working device is all you wanted in the first place, right?

With that said, let’s proceed with the downloading process of the stock firmwares of all variants of Oppo devices. This guide would be providing Oppo Stock Firmware for all the devices belonging to all the above-mentioned series.

Download Stock Firmware for Oppo Devices

Download the Stock Firmware for all Oppo Devices belonging to ‘F Series’, ‘R Series’, ‘Find Series’, ‘Reno Series’ and ‘Others’ from below.


2. R Series





So, that was a detailed guide containing the Stock Firmware of all Oppo Devices. If you think your device is missing from the list, head over to the Request Page and make a request for the same. Just make sure to include the complete device name and the build number. You may also share your concerns down below in the comments section. Happy Flashing!

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