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Ads in Apple Weather Apps on iPhone? It Depends!

Have ads managed to sneak in the Apple Weather app on your iPhone as well? Ads are one such aspect that is constantly in the debate for one reason or the other. While it’s the major source of income for numerous publishers and services alike, but things begin to go south if they tend to manipulate the number, frequency, and location of these ads.

Moreover, while these ads are accepted up to an extent on third-party apps, it’s a big no in the system apps. Unfortunately, that might no longer be the case as numerous users are reportedly seeing ads in the Apple Weather app on their iPhones. So what exactly is going on here?

Ads have made their way to the Apple Weather App?

ads in apple weather app

Well, from iOS 16.2 onwards, if you now launch the Weather app, then you’ll see news from third-party sources related to weather. This tends to randomly appear within the weather information and is proving to be a great deal of inconvenience to the end users. However, the users seem to be divided on whether or should it be actually categorized as ads.

ads in apple weather app
Credits: TheYayAreaLiving

One section of the users gave their opinions that no matter the type of information, it shouldn’t be there if they haven’t asked for it in the first place. The other half of the userbase have their say that infact it only helps them to get more comprehensive information about the prevalent or foreseen weather. So what’s our stance on this?

Ads or a Feature? Depends on which side of the fence you are on!

Well, while we wouldn’t tag them strictly as ads, but there’s no denying the fact that it definitely spells out a UI/UX disruption. After all, cramming all the bits of data in an already cluttered space doesn’t;t translate to a good outlook. To make the matter worse, you don’t even have any granular control over them, in other words, you cannot remove them from the app.

ads in apple weather app
Credits: minimo3

So if you really want to bid it adieu, then your only course of action is to ditch the Apples Weather app and switch over to another third-party one. Moreover, this feature or “ads”, would only be visible in those regions wherein Apple News is officially supported. If it isn’t in your region, then you are already free from the clutches of a cluttered user interface!

On that note, we round off this post. What are your views on this sudden change from the Cupertino giant of incorporating ads in the Apple Weather app? Was it uncalled for or it isn’t something that would bother you much? Do share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section below.

  • I’m so sad this has started to happen. it’s the first time I’ve thought about moving to a different cell phone.