5G not working in Pixel 7 Pro

5G not working in Pixel 7 Pro after March Update [Fix]

Numerous users have reported that 5G is no longer working on their Pixel 7 Pro after installing the March update. 5G was once considered a luxury but has now become a normal functionality for many devices and OEMs no longer treat it as a USP for their devices. With that said, the devices from Pixel have always found themselves in the rough water with regard to this fifth iteration of wireless network connectivity.

5G not working in Pixel 7 Pro

The entire 6th series was missing the 5G support for months but finally, they did receive it with the March update. On the flip side, the same update seems to have broken the 5G support for the Pixel flagships! Numerous users have voiced their concern that 5G is not working on their Pixel 7/Pro right after installing the latest March update. If you are also in the same boat, then this guide will make you aware of the plausible reason for the same. Follow along.

Why is 5G not working in Pixel 7 Pro after March Update?

5G not working in Pixel 7 Pro

The culprit behind this issue is the latest version of network operator settings. Before the March update rolled out, the Network Operator Setting was at version eir_ie-43000000002.10 and 5G was working well and good at this build number. But with the release of the March update, the Network Operator Setting version got bumped up to eir_ie-43000000002.12 and this subsequently gave rise to the 5G bug. So the latest version of NOS could well be the reason behind this issue.

How to Fix 5G not working in Pixel 7 Pro after March Update

As of now, some users were able to get temporary respite from this issue after resetting their network settings. So give it a try using the below-listed steps and then check out the results:

  1. Head over to Settings > System > Reset
  2. Then go to Reset WiFi, mobile, and Bluetooth.
  3. Now tap on Reset settings and check out the result.5G not working in Pixel 7 Pro

As mentioned before, it will just give you a momentary relief from the issue of 5G not working on Pixel 7 Pro. For a permanent fix, you’ll have to wait for a few days till Google releases the April update. While it’s not concrete that the new update will rectify this issue, but still let’s stay on the optimistic side of the fence!

Update: April Update doesn’t address this issue!

Well, well, well, the April update has just been rolled out but judging by the changelog, Google hasn’t addressed the 5G issues of the Pixel 7 series. So it looks like it’s going to be one of those ever-lasting Pixel-exclusive bugs that would take up eternity to get rectified! Anyways, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope it gets ironed ot sooner than later, if not with April then with the May update.

5G not working in Pixel 7 Pro

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  1. yeah my 5G is gone on EIR ireland network (only had it for 2 months) and data connectivity is unimaginably bad and unstable without 5G, like seriously almost unsable, it’s a joke…

    1. I’m on may update on gomo (eir) here. won’t connect to 5g either. I’ve a xiaomi that connects to 5g with the same sim. weird.

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