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5 reasons Why you Should choose Moto One Fusion+ over POCO X2

So the budget segment of smartphones has hyped up very much due to aggressive competition and pricing. Ever the phone is giving very good value for money but the budget segment always misses out some of the other features because of its price-point. At the end its the users who have to decide for which compromise they are ready. So here we have 2 phones which are almost complete and doesn’t miss out any of the major features. Below is the 5 reasons why you should choose Moto One Fusion + over Poco X2.

1. Stock Android vs MIUI

Motorola has always launched their smartphone with a clean stock Android experience. Which is one of the best Android experience to have. They just add 2-3 useful tweaks which come handy in day-to-day usage. On the other hand, the MIUI is heavily customised Android skin by Xiaomi. It has its perks but the point which needs to be noted is that the MIUi has advertisements tweaked inside their UI. which means even if you open settings to turn on WIFI you might end up watching an ad.

Also, the heavy skin just leads to slower software updates and Xiaomi has a long list of devices to push updates. On the other hand, Motorola has fewer devices and the stock like experience doesn’t require developers to work hard to push an update. Besides that Motorola has promised to give android 11 update and 2 years of security updates to Moto one fusion+.

2. No Notch No Disturbance

the POCO X2 has dual punch-hole design camera tucked inside the screen, the dual camera takes up the whole top right side of the screen. Which can be a distracting point while watching videos. While the Motorola one fusion+ has a pop-up selfie camera which comes out of the phone when needed else it remains inside the phone giving the full immersive experience while watching videos. the pop-up camera also helps in privacy like nobody can spy using the front camera since it remains inside the phone so that’s the plus point. Besides that, the pop-up mechanism is very much durable as we haven’t heard any complaints from any of the devices having a pop-up mechanism camera.

3. Better Brand Value

Motorola has always been maintaining its brand. ever since when it was in the hands of Google. Now the Lenovo owned brand still maintains a good reputation for its build quality and service it provides. Not only that Motorola devices have always been solidly built right from the Moto G and X series. they are the legendary phones of all time. However, Xiaomi, on the other hand, is a purely Chinese brand and holds the made in china stamp in the days where boycotting of Chinese products are in the hype.

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4. Cheaper in Price

The Motorola One fusion+ comes in a single variant which has 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage which costs 16,999/- INR. While Poco X2 for the same variant costs 18,500/- INR. Though not a major difference, but when you look overall then spending 1500 more for a phone in this segment do matter. Not only that the imports on Chinese products can any day rise which can cost Poco X2 even more and as per the reports just recently there was a price hike in Poco X2 as well

5. Better Battery Backup

The Motorola One Fusion+ is powered by a massive 5000 mAh of battery which is insanely good. The phone runs on stock android which means that the optimisation should be god and besides that no background gimmicky thing running to consume battery. Whereas Poco X2 has 4500 mAh of battery but due to lack of MIUI optimisations or the 120 HZ of refresh rate display consumes it very fast. There are severe reports by the users of Poco X2 for poor battery backup from the phone. Users can easily expect 2 days of usage with Moto One Fusion+’s 5000 mah of battery while Poco X2 can die by the end of the day if used a bit heavily.

Final Verdict

The Motorola One Fusion+ is a better deal when compared side-by-side to Poco X2. But that doesn’t mean that POCO X2 is a bad phone its also very good phone but when its compared to MOTO One fusion+ it just lacks a bit behind. So the next sale for Moto One Fusion+ is on 6 July.