[3 METHODS] Unroot any Android Device-Uninstall Magisk

In this guide, we will be covering various methods to Unroot any Android device and Uninstall Magisk. There would be an in-depth focus on all the methods, with the sole motive of completely removing Magisk from your device.

Magisk is currently ruling the Android platform. Just in the span of 2-3 years,  topjohnwu created such a tool that it managed to overtake the undisputed holder of this industry, aka SuperSu. One of the major factors which contributed to its rise was, inadvertently, the release of the SafetyNet mechanism by Google.

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The mechanism checked for modifications in the system partition. If any tampering was found, it blocked the functionality of the app. SuperSu always worked by modifying the system partition. Hence any app that asked for root permission from SuperSu would no longer work. This included Google Pay, Pokemon Go, and almost all the banking apps.

Seeing the window of opportunity,  topjohnwu created such a tool that mostly worked with the boot partition. Even when the tool needed to make any modifications in the system partition, it did so in such a manner that neither Google nor the device would have any clue whatsoever. As a result, it was easily able to bypass the SafetyNet test.

Why Should You Unroot Your Android Device?

Consider an unrooted device as a highly guarded gate, the keys of which are in the hands of your Operating System. The OS very well knows who to give entry to and who not to. But once you unroot your device, the keys lies in your hands. In other words, the entire Operating System lies in the sole discretion of the user. The problem begins to arise when users don’t have much knowledge about who to ‘let inside their device’.

With increasing cases of malware and phishing apps being found on the Google Play Store, the scenario has become even scarier. If your device is unrooted, then these apps wouldn’t be able to do much harm. But if it enters a rooted device, then it may completely brick your device or even worse- steal all your personal data.

Another thing worth mentioning is that unrooting the device will most probably make the warranty void and null. Also, some OEMs no longer sends official OTAs on a rooted device.

But if you feel that you can no longer work on an old-buggy device and also are aware of all the pros and cons, then you may give rooting it a try. If anything happens, this guide is always there to help you out.

Steps to Unroot any Android Device

In order to unroot any Android device and uninstall Magisk, we will be covering three different methods. In the first method, you wouldn’t be required to download any file. Everything would be done from within the Magisk app itself. As far as the second method is concerned, the developer has released an official uninstaller file. We would be flashing that via TWRP.

Finally, the third method entails the flashing of the stock firmware. This method would format the data from your device but bring the device back to stock. All the custom ROM, recovery or modules will be removed. Chose any of the three methods.

[METHOD 1] Unroot your Device from the Magisk Manager App

  1. Open the Magisk Manager app.
  2. Tap on ‘UNINSTALL’ present at the bottom.
  3. “Uninstall Magisk” dialog box appears.
  4. Tap on “Complete Uninstall” and wait for a few minutes.
  5. Reboot your device. it is now successfully unrooted.

[METHOD 2] Unroot your Device via Magisk Uninstaller Zip

magisk Uninstaller

  1. Download the Magisk-v19.3 Uninstaller zip file: Magisk-uninstaller-20190604.zip. For the uninstaller file of previous versions, refer to the FAQs section of the guide: Everything About Magisk- Manager, Modules and More.
  2. Transfer the downloaded zip file to the device’s internal storage.
  3. Reboot your device to TWRP Recovery. You could either use the hardware key combinations (search on Google) or use the below universal method:
    -Enable USB Debugging on your device and connect it to PC via USB cable.
    -Open Powershell Window on the PC and type the below code to boot your device to recovery mode:

    adb reboot recovery
  4. Under TWRP, go to ‘Install’.
  5. Select the ‘Magisk-uninstaller-20190604.zip’ file.
  6. Swipe to confirm flash. That’s it. Your device is now successfully unrooted. You may now ‘Reboot’ your device to ‘System’ from the TWRP Recovery.

[METHOD 3] Unroot Android Device by Flashing Stock Firmwares

Different device manufacturers have different methods of flashing stock firmwares. You could have a look at their websites for the same. As fas as the downloading the stock firmwares are concerned, you may refer to our guide: Download Stock Firmwares for Android Devices.

With this, we come to the end of our guide on how to Unroot any Android Device and Uninstall Magisk. You may download the Root Checker app to make sure that the device has been successfully unrooted. If you have questions or queries with respect to any part of this guide or even anything else related to Android, let me know in the comments below. Always there to help. Happy Unrooting!

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